Thursday, September 22, 2005

I bought another iPod saturday. I'm starting to think I'll probably never see my old one again. I had an original 5 gig iPod, and it worked fine. I used it in my car with a cassette adapter, and I used it at the gym to work out with. A little while back, the firewire port that it uses for power and to syncronize with iTunes broke loose and suddenly it wouldn't sync up anymore, and it was near impossible to get it to charge up, so the battery kept dying on me. I did some research and found out it was sort of a design flaw, but it was fixable. There are some solder points that get loose after taking the cable in and out of the unit (the new ones use a smaller minijack). I found out that you could re-solder the broken connections and it would work like new again.

Now I'm not much good at soldering. Don't have the patience or skill for it, I guess. I've soldered connections on my guitar, but thats meatball work, and even those were pretty sloppy. I have a co-worker that used to solder small electronics all day long, she worked for some place that made circuit boards and did lots of stuff like that, so I took it to her. She said it would be easy and she could fix it over the weekend, so I disassembled it, and gave her the part that needed the solder.

I never realized how dependent I was on this thing. Once it was gone I immediately missed it, not having any way to listen to tunes at the gym, or in the car. Fortunately I had purchased a new CD deck for my car and had gone to great lengths to be able to still listen to the iPod through it while driving. The weekend came and went, and I was informed that the soldering work was too fine for her soldering iron, and she had given it to a friend that worked at Raytheon to fix.

For the next 3 weeks, each day has begun with an excuse as to why she didn't bring the iPod back. She forgot to go to her friends. Her friend hasn't finished it. Her friend finished it, but she hasn't gotten together with her. It was fixed, but she broke it. Finally, at the 3 week point, on a Friday, I told her in the middle of another of her explanations, "look, just get it back. I don't care if its broken or not. I just want it back. ASAP." The following week, she didn't come to work. She called in all 5 days. Apparently she was deadly sick.

At this point, I really didn't know if I was even going to see her again. It smelled to me a little like maybe she had found a new job or something. I know she wasn't keeping the iPod to use, because I still had the hard drive, the battery, the plastic case and all the various other things that actually make it work. She couldn't use it for anything, but neither could I until she brough the part back. I gave up. That weekend, I went to COMPUSA and bought an open-box 10gb iPod for $229.

Now I have an iPod again, but I immediately got buyers remorse afterwards. I thought to myself "What a dumbass you are! You fucking moron! If you could just have waited until monday, Denise will probably have your old iPod finished, but no, you had to go spend a bunch of money on this dumb trinket!"

But, today is Monday and Denise is back from her trip to deaths door.

Without my iPod.